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Thank you for your interest in mural work! I love making murals! I've included a few common questions below and a quick form to get in touch :)

Will you make me a mural for free? It’ll be great exposure for you!
No. Murals take a lot of preparation, time, energy and supplies. Since I am not able to pay my bills with exposure, that’s not a form of payment I will accept.

Will you paint my logo or replicate an image I already have?
Probably not. I prefer to paint my own original artwork. I’d love to design a custom mural for you. It can definitely incorporate your logo or be inspired by an image you have in mind, however!

How much do murals cost?
I quote murals individually, because every job is unique and there’s a lot of factors to consider. Base pricing ranges $17-20 per square foot which covers design, supplies, and labor. If your project site requires extensive prep work, scaffolding/lift rental, travel, etc - that adds on cost. Estimates are free. If you’re in or near Portland Oregon I’m happy to come meet you at the project site to discuss.